Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you become an author?

The stories in my head weren’t going to get out short of a power drill.

When did you start writing?

When I was a kid. I remember writing these epic stories – that were all of a page but I was so proud. Over the years I’ve written numerous character backstories for various games, story arcs and adventures for gaming campaigns I’ve run. When I was world building for a fantasy campaign I started to write short stories that helped me envision the world, different points of view. I took it an ran with it.

Have you ever collaborated?

Normally I work alone. I like being El Jefe of my own creation. Having said that¬† I did star world building for a science fiction campaign that may or may not ever see the light of day. My wife enjoyed the world I had started and we’ve been working together to expand it.

So you were working on a Sci-Fi and fantasy worlds – and yet you are currently writing Urban Fantasy?

Yeah, so funny story. I had close to 70 thousand words of a fantasy story put down. Still have it. However it began to spiral out of control. No real outline, a bit of a goal but nothing to tie it all together. Someone suggested I step away and go for something more personal. So I did. What started as a writing experiment has turned into a big thing for me.

Do I listen to music when I write? If so what?

I usually listen to soundtracks when I write, something without lyrics. I’ll usually pick something that fits the mood and tone of what I’m working on.

Are you a plotter/architect or a pantser/gardener?

I’m a hybrid. I usually have a basic outline for the whole story but then fill in the gaps with lots of pantsing sessions. I find the outline helps me keep on point but remember an outline is just a guide – it’s not carved in stone.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new author?

Write. You can read blogs, watch VLOGS, read every book on “the craft”. You can talk to writers, go to conventions, and attend classes. But if you want to write you have to put your butt in the chair and fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, or voice to recorder.¬† You have to write.