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Vince West didn’t realize he had a soul until after it was gone. He’d sold it. West had been living in the shadows of Colt Texas most of his life. With his soul gone those streets were darker and scarier as the world of the Unseen opened up to him.

It wasn’t all bad, though. He had a paying gig. Lilith had offered him a simple job. All he had to do was find and retrieve an old phone. Unfortunately for West simple does not mean easy. West didn’t know the importance of the phone but whenever he mentioned it people got weird.

Nadia Gallo had the phone. Finding her was the problem. No one knew where she was but everyone either feared or wanted a piece of her.

After West is dragged through the seedier parts of Colt looking for Nadia he begins to wonder just how bad things are when he shows up at Cavenagh Cave, a place where people had been vanishing at since the 80’s. Still, a jobs a job.

No Soul, No Service

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Vince West knew getting his soul back wouldn’t be easy. Or cheap. It didn’t help that he worked for the demoness who bought his soul. It was a game, her giving him well-paying jobs knowing full well what West’s endgame was. He’s good at his job, though. West is a handyman, fixing any of his bosses problems for the right price. Her jobs were never what they seemed, though. Nothing in Colt, Texas ever was.

West’s current gig was to find and deliver Bruce King. Simple, right? Simple doesn’t mean easy. King had gone to ground and West quickly finds he’s not the only interested party. He doesn’t know what the importance of a simple construction foreman was. West soon discovers that King is in way over his head when evidence of a summoned Demon is found. Demons always complicate things.

The other party turns out to be Artie, a former associate of West. Artie is hell-bent on finding King before West does and isn’t above trying to remove West from the equation, permanently. As West gets closer to King and moves deeper into the seedier side of Colt he also runs afoul of a Black Magic Dealer who doesn’t like his privacy invaded. The question becomes can West finish the job before his ticket is punched?