My Endgame Theories

Avengers Endgame is almost here. I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year. We were left with the ultimate cliffhanger. I’m so excited and like most geeks and nerds have been obsessing about what exactly going to happen.


If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War you should probably stop reading and watch it. You have been warned.

When we last left our intrepid heroes . . .

At the end of Infinity War we had The Snap. Thanos won and ended up wiping out half of the universe. Boom. A lot of heroes we know and love were simply dusted. So what are my theories to what happened to those who vanished and who remained?

For the record, this is all pure speculation. I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers and will be going into the movie cold, or as cold as possible. What I present are my thoughts and ideas. I wanted to get them down and published to see how close or wildly off base I am.

The Dusted

I think they are dead. Truly dead. How do they come back? There will be some time travelling shenanigans and the Battle of Wakanda will happen again. This time Thanos will not be given the chance to snap.

The Originals

Captain America – he’s a goner. Chris Evans won’t be returning. Steve Rogers has been trying to make the ultimate sacrifice since The First Avenger. He’s finally getting to do it and will go out like a hero.

Who will pick up the shield? My two picks are Bucky or Falcon.

Bucky is Cap’s oldest friend going back to the 40’s. When the whole world wanted him dead the only man who went to bat for him was Rogers. I could see him picking up the Shield to continue Rogers legacy and to honor him.

Falcon is Rogers next closest friend. He’s a former soldier, a super hero in his own right, and a believer in everything Rogers stands for. I can totally see him picking up the shield and becoming the next Captain America.

Rumor has it John Cena wants to be the next Captain America. He might play Captain America but he will never be Steve Rogers.

Iron Man –   Tony lives. The foreshadowing of his dreams of having a child with Pepper is too good. I think when it’s over he hangs up the ARC reactor and the Iron Man suits for good. He steps down and helps Pepper run Stark Industries or he fills Fury’s position as Director of SHIELD.

Thor – Thor lives and takes on the role of king. His father is dead. His mother is dead. His brother (adopted) is dead. His planet is destroyed. His people, those who survived, are scattered. They will need strong leadership. Thor matured greatly in Ragnarok. I can see him taking the throne and be the leader his people need.

Bruce Banner/ The Hulk – The big green guy is going to turn Grey. I think they’ll change him to the grey hulk and give him more intelligence instead of the rampaging green monster. I don’t think they kill him off but he evolves. This also in light of the fact that the Hulk, refused to come out and play at all after his first encounter with Thanos.

The Black Widow –if we’ve learned anything about Natasha Romanov she’s a survivor. That and she has a movie coming up. Unless they plan to make an origin movie she lives.

Hawkeye – I have enjoyed Clint but I think he’s going down. He didn’t have much of a role in the first Avenger’s movie, had a bigger one in Age of Ultron, and didn’t appear in Infinity War except by name.

Nick Fury – Fury has shown up in the trailer for Far From Home. So either he does survive or Far From Home is set between the events of Homecoming and Infinity War. My gut says it’s Post Snap, but we’ll see.

The New Guys and Gals

Falcon – Despite being Dusted Falcon is going to live.

The Winter Soldier – Bucky comes back and caries on Cap’s legacy.

War Machine – I think Colonel Rhodes survives the fight. With Tony stepping down he steps in to fill the role of Iron Man.

The Scarlet Witch – Wanda comes back and helps rebuild the Avengers

Vision – he comes back but evolves without the Mind Stone

Doctor Strange – he’s got another movie coming up. Survivor.

Spider-Man – “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” still hurts to watch.




Far From Home is coming out this Summer. Marvel has been coy about when it’s set. I don’t see Marvel or Sony letting Tom Holland out of their grasps just yet. Sure it would be a great way to segway into Miles Morales or another Web-Head, but I think we’ll get a few more pics with Holland before that happens.

Black Panther – Marvel took a 2rd tier character and produced a billion dollar movie. Yeah, there is no way he won’t be coming back unless Chadwick Boseman does something so heinous The Mouse has no choice but to cut him loose.

Captain Marvel – Yeah, another billion dollar movie? She survives.

Ant-Man – I don’t know if we’ll get an Ant-Man part 3 but I could totally see Paul Rudd continuing as an Avenger. He lives.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

If you had asked me a few months ago I would say they would all end up dying. With James Gunn termed by Disney and the amount of noise the cast made about it they would come back only to be killed off.

James Gunn is back with the Mouse and I can see the whole crew making it through. Except for the utter irony that Drax also dies while taking down Thanos, since Dave Bautista was the most vocal about Gunn’s firing and not wanting to work out his contract.

I’m unsure how they will bring Gamora back, but I suspect it’ll be using one or more of the Infinity Stones.

That’s it!

The one thing I’d LOVE to see? Deadpool showing up at the battle in Wakanda and trying to set Steve Rogers on fire yelling “flame on, flame on!”

So there are my theories. Pure, wild, unadulterated speculation. What are your thoughts? Did I miss anyone? I’m curious to see how badly I get these wrong haha!

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