Holy cow – an Update! Or Operation Remove About to, Seemed to, etc

I know, I know, my first update in a while. Shame on me. Truth be told my life got way busier than I expected. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (shame on you!), I’ve gone back to school. Nothing writing related, but Cloud Management, because money.  I’m going through an online University which basically means I move at my pace. The sooner I finish the sooner I can get a better job, yadda yadda yadda.  So there’s my excuse for the lack of updates.

No Soul, No Service has sold more than I expected it to. I mean, a lot more. I want to thank everyone who bought a copy. If you did please leave a review if you can. Two sentences are better than nothing.

I have managed to get some work on Angel’s Kiss done, however. A friend had commented on some recurrent phrasing in No Soul, No Service. She was polite about it but the point stuck. Things like something “seemed to”, “began to”, “started to” and “suddenly” were WAY too prevalent. So using the magic of “Find” I went through every chapter and eliminated each of those. It probably cut a hundred words and made the story flow better.

That is why I feel it’s important to get feedback on something before you put it out into the world. It’ll give you that much more of a fighting chance once you high the “Publish button” or you are submitting your query letter.

I’m currently finishing up the newest round of revisions then I’m going to put together a better blurb, and see about getting some Beta readers to give it a pass.  I’m going to try and get Angel’s Kiss out by the end of the year, but life happens.

That is it for now. Not much except I need to get back into the habit of a regular post. If anyone has a topic or a question please hit me up.  I have no issue barking like a seal if it helps with interaction with y’all.

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