I’m a published Author!

It’s official. No Soul, No Service went live last Tuesday. I even got a few sales. I’m still figuring out marketing. That seems to be the biggest thing a lot of new and aspiring authors are trying figure out as well. Still, I’ve got several sales from people I don’t know. With luck they liked it!

It’s an unreal feeling. Exciting, scary, and a sense of accomplishment. I did it. Something I’ve talked about doing for a while and finally can check it off.  The journey has just begun!

I’ve sent Angel’s Kiss off to some Beta Readers. The feedback I’ve gotten has been a bit unpleasant but kind of expected. That’s the idea of the Beta Reader, to go over what you have and find the things you missed and point out issues. Luckily my ego isn’t big enough to be crushed too much and in the end it should make the book better.

I’m in the middle of revising book three. The good news is with some of the Beta feedback for Angel’s Kiss I can try and work some of that into book three, making it a tighter work when it gets ready. I have stories to tell and with luck people will want to read them!

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