Avengers – Infinity War Review (as spoiler free as I can make it)

Just got back from seeing Infinity War. Somehow I avoided most of the major spoilers and despite the numerous trailers, I went into this fairly cold. It was a great movie, fast paced, lots of great scenes and the characters. So. Many. Characters. If I was going to pick a word to describe it, though, it would be brutal.

AIW has been ten years and eighteen movies in the making. To me, it sure paid off. The Russo Brothers did an amazing job of using almost every MCU hero and giving them screen time. Somehow they juggled all the characters, set pieces, and locations and made it look all but seamless. Sure the movie was over two and a half hours long but to be honest I didn’t notice it. If anything it reached the end and I was – wait where the rest?

The movie didn’t pull any punches. It was violent, and not all of it was cartoony or comic-booky violence. It did a great job of tugging at the heartstrings. It had well-placed humor, not the extensive use of it from Thor Ragnarok.

The movie also did a great job of giving Thanos some real character. There is a motive to why he’s doing what he’s doing. He bears a heavy burden for what he feels must be done. Josh Brolin is fantastic as Thanos and despite the CGI he sells every scene.

I can’t go into too much right now but I’d be happy to discuss this more privately for musings.

All in all, I’d give Avengers Infinity War an A-.


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