Happy Birthday to me, a Short Story, plus upcoming Newsletter!

I’ve been pretty busy since the last post with work, house life, and writing. Oh yeah, I had a birthday too which was pretty kick ass. I survived another year around the sun. Huzzah!

A suggestion given to me is I need a newsletter. To go with the newsletter I need a short story or something to help entice folks to subscribe and to generate buzz for future works. So that’s what I’ve been working on.

The story doesn’t have a title (yet) but it’s going to be about Vince West’s first job for Lilith. It’s not going to be anything like he was expecting.

The first draft is done and like most first drafts it makes me cringe as I read through it and is suitable to fertilize a vegetable garden. I keep having to remind myself that  all first drafts are like this and it’ll be okay.

I’m liking the story and how it came together pretty quickly. Once I have the first major revision done I’ll be looking for some victims – I mean volunteers – to read through it and get some feedback. Once I’m satisfied with it I’ll get a newsletter up and running.

So many things, so much to do, and so hard keeping focus.

Drop me a line if you have any interest in reading this once it’s done!

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