Welcome to 2018 – a month late!

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Happy 2018! I’ve been slacking on the blog updates but been busy.  I helped my wife get her first novel published! Learned a lot about the process and hopefully learned from the mistakes for that. We’re happy and proud and excited. It is a real thing.

For those of you paying attention this blog is no longer at its old home. Using some money I made from Ebay I was able to purchase some web hosting and domains. These sites are very much a work in progress, subject to change. But yeah, seanerik.com is a thing. I am also maintaining my wife’s site as well – psunenge.com. Check it out and get her book!

On the writing front I’m blazing forward with a new round of revisions. The good news is the last several revisions I’ve gone through have been minor and I’m pleased with it. I’m going to setup a mailing list soon(ish) and start up another round of beta’s. I still need a cover but I have some ideas on how I want to do that.

My ultimate goal is to get No Soul, No Service released no later than June 1, 2018. If I can get it finalized sooner I will.

That’s about all I have right now. No rest for the weary. Or for me for that matter.

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