2018 is coming!

So last month was a hectic one. I changed positions at work. Nano happened. For those who are wondering I “won” but I’m not done with the first draft of Werewolves of Wall Street. I hit my 50K words more or less on target but I’m not done. I’m currently working through the last quarter of the project.

I’ve slacked off a bit since Nano is over but I did last year as well. I have one of the journals that Sun gave me that I’m filling up. I have ideas, plots, and general musings in it. I try to put a date around the time I start writing something new so I think it’ll be interesting to open up Vader in the future and see what was going on.

With 2018 so close I have some plans. Once I finish the WWoWS I plan to take the beta feedback from No Souls and go through another rewrite. Then another round of Beta, hopefully more people providing more than one chapter of feedback. Thanks to the one guy who made it through and said he liked it!

Once that round of beta reading is done I’ll be getting it edited, looking for a cover, all that fun stuff. Then the scary part -publishing. I’m still thinking going Kindle publishing, straight E-book with an option to print on demand. That way if anyone actually wants a signed copy I can help them.

I still have several other projects I need to get back to as well. I don’t want to start anything new until I get at least one of these projects closed!

In other news I finally saw The Last Jedi. I really dug the movie, it certainly ranks up as one of my favorites, behind Empire and Rogue One. I totally see why so many people don’t like it or the portrayals for some of the characters but it broke the mold. It went in a fresh bold directions.  Sure, it had some missteps, but I thought it was a solid entry into the franchise. Plus we got to see Carrie Fisher as General Organa for the last time, though she’ll always be Princess Leia to me.

So what are your plans for 2018? What bold goals do you have? Did you love or hate TLJ? Comment below!


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