Villains and fun! Plus some updates

I stole an idea from a friends page  and posted it on my personal Facebook. It’s a fun and creative writing exercise. I didn’t think as many people would comment on it and thank you to all who did! 

I wasn’t sure what I would do at first. I mean, introducing people I knew into a novel. Then I figured I write fiction so I’d add fictitious versions of the people who responded. Again I wasn’t sure where to go with this but as I got deeper into it I figured I’d make the majority of them villains in a Bondish or Noir style story since I’m currently working in first person. There are spur of the moment with a minor amount of editing but I found the experience fun and I hope the people who participated did as well! Enjoy.

In other news October is flying by. I have my outline for my Nano project finalized (more or less) along with some basic character bios. I should be ready for the kick off party and knocking it out of the park!

In the mean time I’ve gone back to Barghests Bite (book 3) and I’m revising a lot of it, cleaning up the hot mess that I realized it was. Fast drafting is great to get your work on the page, but then you need to clean it up.  Names need to be updated and I’ve restructured a few of the sub plots, but it’s going to be a much stronger story (I’m hoping).

I’m still getting feedback from my Betas on No Soul, No Service which is going pretty well. I don’t’ think I’ll be getting to work on that until after Nano, but I’m documenting the feedback and find it good to get an outside opinion.

Please leave any comments below and any suggestions on how you would do the above exercise!            

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