And I have a plan . . .?

So I’ve been trying to organize everything I’m currently working on. The feedback I’m getting from my betas is helpful.  The first chapter of No Soul was a bit racy, I’ll admit, and so it’s going to probably become chapter 3.  I’ve been busily writing a new first chapter that is a bit more actiony. On top of that I’ve started to take stock on what I’ve written and some of the long term goals for the series.

So yeah. Taking stock. I have a rough plan of where the overall story starts, where it’s going, and even a conclusion. Amazing right? What’s more amazing and ambitious is that I’m probably looking at a minimum of 14 books. That is a rough estimate based on quite a few assumptions, subject to change without warning.  So that is pretty crazy. And the more I work on this the crazier it gets.

In some aspects this project is taking on a life of its own. I’m starting to plan future books, characters, scenes, scenarios, and tragedies. I have no doubt it’s going to be worked on, restructured, rewritten, and probably discarded in abject frustration along the way but having a road map is scary as hell but also inspiring. Sure most of this is being pulled straight out of my ass but isn’t what being a writer is about?

Speaking of writing enough blathering on . . . I need to finish that new first chapter!

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