WADD – Writers Attention Deficit Disorder!

I’ve sent out my first couple of chapters to my betas. Scary but done. I’ve gotten some feedback and based on the rule of three I’ll be redoing my first chapter. I can understand the feedback. Chapter one will more than likely become chapter three. The process works!

I hate the waiting though. I know people have lives and other things but damn – I want the responses back! When the Death Star started using the phrase “Feedback is a gift” I’d groan because it only ever seemed the feedback was one way. Now, though, it is a good thing. I can hopefully fix things before I publish.

Also, like most writers, I have WADD – Writers Attention Deficit Disorder. I’m sending out the beta chapters, waiting for feedback, revising two different stories that are not No Soul, No Service, outlining a new book which will be my November Nano project, AND while taking his Majesty for a walk I came up with a basic premise for another story. Hell, I even have a working title – Demonchinery. Working title, subject to change.

So yeah, busy busy. I’m still getting my world bible setup, gathering pictures or at least representations of each character, and even getting more backstory and history for each thing I’ve worked on. A lot of research and some pantsing writing, which is fun. I’m also working on a short story where Vince goes to the ROT Rally – which should be interesting, with luck.

I’m making progress but I need to focus on one or two projects so I’m not being split six ways from Sunday.  I get more done at home when I focus, so I’ll do the same.

What tips do y’all have for staying focused? Please comment below!

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