Post Armadillocon

I went to Armadillocon 39 this year. It’s a local writers convention where you can sit on panels, meet and talk with writers, and network. I had a great time, sat in on quite a few panels, and even got to meet a famous author. I shook hands with Steven Brust, author of Jhereg, and talked a little pop culture with him.  Wicked sense of humor.

I met several authors and even networked a little. I’m still working on getting out of my shell but what can I say, baby steps. I’ve been watching VLOGS, reading blogs, and watching a ton of Youtube videos on the ‘craft’ so a lot of it I was aware of but some of the various authors personal techniques and ideas were helpful.

There was only one panel that I didn’t get anything from but the program guide. Writing the Other was supposed to be about writing from the perspective of someone not like you but really ended up being more of a “Buy our book” than anything.

Last year the Con had a few panels about publishing, finding an editor, even local presses. This year it was all genre stuff, though some of it very useful. I’d have liked to see more on editing, publishers, things like that in addition to everything else.

The one thing that I and my wife did was take a look at a lot of the books people put out. Reading the first page or skipping around to look at the structure, the prose, things like that. I realized I can do this. I might not be a prolific writer but dammit I’m good, or at least decent (or so people tell me).  If these folks can publish and make money then so can I!  Now, I’m not trying to denigrate or speak ill of the authors I met. They put in the time, the effort, and have paid their dues.  I know I need to step up to the plate and get my ass in gear. The con has done that. My motivation is back and I’m working!

I’ve added to the outline for SS1 and I’m planning on taking it from 28K to 50K. 50K words is about 200 pages and I’ve discovered is my sweet spot in terms of writing.  So far I’m going full tilt.

The biggest decision I’ve made is to be published by this time next year. The whole thing. Written, revised, edited, cover. I need to shit or get off the pot.

If you went to Armadillocon let me know your experience. 

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