Camp NanoWrimo 2017

Yes, ladies and gentlemen I won. About 51K words written in 31 days.  I can relax but only a little. I got to my goal but the first draft isn’t even done yet. I’m still hip deep in the final fight and I still have to tie up the threads I need to.  Oh the excitement!

When I’m motivated I can crank through about 1500 words a day, easy.  On a not so motivated day I top out at about 500. On a really good day I can blow through 4000. Those days are usually my days off from the day job, though.
So, what now? Well I still need to finish the first draft. I think I even figured out a title for the book – Barghest’s Bark. It’s a working title, don’t judge me!
Once I’m done  I’m going to let it sit for a month or so and go back to revising my other works, get the wiki in order, and continue to improve the continuity. I’m still hammering out details for future developments as I get the overall story arc ironed out.
This project was fun. It was far more of a pantser project than any of my more recent ones. A lot of free writing which felt good even though I know I’m going to have to do some major revisions down the road.  Still it felt good writing it and I had fun!  If you normally outline I highly recommend a practice project where you pants it. You might be surprised some of the ideas that flow.
ArmadilloCon is this week in Austin and I’ll be there along with my wife and several other Geeky Writers!  It’ll be my second one and I’m looking forward to it! If you plan to be there drop me a line and we can sync up, hit a panel or two, and just shoot the breeze – I mean network!
In other news I’m also actually plotting out my Nano Project for November, tentatively titled the Werewolves of Wallstreet. More to follow.
As always any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or donations are welcome. Just leave them below!

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