Camp Nano 2017

All right – to the excuses. Why haven’t I posted in a while? A few reasons. My schedule changed a work, a few shake ups on the home front, and we are fostering a pair of big dogs until they can find a home. So needless to say I’ve been busy.

Busy with life, but still getting writing in. For most of the month of June I’ve been working on what had been titled SS2 (short story 2) which is now in the small novel range. It also has a title! Well, a working title, subject to change upon the whim and desires of the author. I’m tentatively calling it Angels Kiss – and I’m hoping it will make sense once I’m done. I’ve about finished writing some of the plot hole filling portions of it and have been integrating it into the main work. As of right now it’s up to 71661 words and I still need to finish the first round of revisions.

Having typed all of that, and against my better judgement, I’ve jumped into Camp Nano 2017. I said I wasn’t going to, I was busy, too many projects, blah blah blah. My muse whispered sweet nothings into my ear over the course of a few days and a story was born.  I’m day 6 into it and at 9766 words, almost 1/5 of the way there.

I know a lot of people poo poo NanoWrimo but I find it useful. it helps me keep focused, though I should treat EVERY  month like a Nano month. Still, I’m in it to win it and so far I’m liking the story.

No title (yet) and the working synopsis:
Vince West knew the stakes were going to be high when an Elven prince hired him to find his brothers killer.  Will Vince survive the Fae court intrigue long enough to find the killer or will the politics of the Seelie and Unseelie court end him?

Here are the stats as of today 07-06-2017

Wish me luck. Please offer feedback, comments, questions, donations below!

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