Back your shit up!

I had a few ideas about this weeks blog.  Then I about had a heart attack.  I was using Scrivener to reorganize some chapters and integrate some of the new scenes I had written. I suddenly noticed that at least two chapters were gone.  Flat out not there.  I had a fight scene but not the events leading up to it. Close to 3500 words just Bamphed.

Now, the good news to this story is that Scrivener does make backups and I was able to recover those scenes. Crisis averted. Having said that – shit happens. Please make sure to back your stuff up, preferably to a couple of different places.

I keep all of my writing backed up to the cloud. I love my laptop but I don’t want to have several years worth of writing lost should the hard drive decide to go on strike. I won’t call myself too paranoid but I have read and heard enough horror stories to take it seriously. I even keep a backup of my backups to other cloud storage options.

In other news I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked. I had either a bad allergy attack or a minor cold this week. Nothing too serious but enough to make me spend a lot of my free time sleeping.  I did manage to finish all of the middle new scenes.  I’m now in the process of integrating them and then I’ll need to go through another revision pass to make sure they mesh as seamlessly as I can get them.

I’m also working on the new ending, something I like a lot more than the original. It’s a bit fun, or at least I hope it is.

All right I’m going to wrap this up and get back to writing. As always please leave any comments or suggestions below!

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