Starting Revisions for SS2

The first round of revisions for SS1 are complete. Once I figure out how to export from Scrivener to probably a word document  I’ll be sending it to a few readers for feedback, and then another round of revisions depending on what they provide me. Then to an editor. It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time, actually sharing something that I’ve written with other people. I still need a better title but I’m sure I’ll think of something. Oh, and a cover. The list goes on.

SS2 has been transferred to Scrivener and I’m about to start the first round of revisions on it. Big thing – completely redoing the first chapter. I don’t think it’s a bad chapter, just kind of blah to start the story. I have something more exciting, more humorous, and with luck a new character I’ll have to work into future works. Oh I hate an over active imagination. Starting word count for SS2 – 23,292. I expect to double that, much like I doubled the word count for SS1. No more, uh, 500 word chapters. With luck.

I’ve mentioned it before but I am glad that I sat on these for a while. I’ve been given the opportunity to sit back and enjoy this stuff as a new reader in a lot of aspects. All of the goals, plans, and ideas are no longer fresh in my mind. I can’t fill in the blanks with author knowledge as easily and will help me look at them a bit more objectively. Time will tell.

Once I’m done with SS2, I’ll get to work on SS3. The good news is when I do get ready to push forward I should have 4 or 5 completed works ready, with more in the wings. I still have an in between story I’m fleshing out and brainstorming on. My over arching story line is coming together nicely and that should be a decent roadmap for future works. There is something to be said for planning ahead!

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